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If you're looking for the best audio production work for your project's or just some pro voice over's to use either with a Radio broadcast, or bed music for a new film you're working on, TV show, Documentary, or maybe even an audio book that you've been trying to get published, we cover it all. We'll work with you to create the perfect sound, look and feel for your Product or Project! If you'd like more information about what we do with your audio work, please fill out our form below and we'll start helping you digitally connect with your own ideas right away! 

This is Chris Kokolios...  

One of our featured composers here at PromoRific MotionGraphics.

Our composers are fully equipped to meet and exceed every one of your audio needs, from creating original musical compositions, to re-creating your jingle to give it a new meaningful sound.

We'll work with you and your teams to make your production pop! Let Us, Help you create an original work of audio art for any media field whether that be for Radio, T.V. Film or for the Internet, we'll be here to help you get it done on time! 


For More information please contact us by filling in the form above.


We here at PromoRific look forward to working with you on your next, 
Audio Masterpiece!

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