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My name is Chris Kokolios


I'm a student of Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering at The Polytechnic University of Athens, Greece.


I have a wide variety of talents some of which include music production, I also speak four different languages, Greek, English, Spanish, and German, all fluently. And I'm in the process of learning many more!   


However, my real talent lies in composing and producing original music!

I have been given the rare privilege of studying music at the Athens, Greece Conservatory which is the largest conservatory in the entire country of Greece. Some of my studies include composing various piano productions, musical theory, and the diverse styles of the guitar. 


I have composed music for many theatrical productions in Greece with tremendous success. 


I've have also created original music pieces for a large special event organized by MENSA, this event was held for the young and musically gifted, at the great Athens Megaron! Athens Signature Concert Hall. (Which is something like the Carnegie Hall of Greece). I'm also a full member of MENSA International.


I have already achieved many different diplomas in foreign languages and I am soon to complete my studies as an Metallurgical Engineer. I also have vast amounts of knowledge in musical production, digital and acoustic instruments.  


One of the many programs I currently use to produce and master my music is called Apple Logic Pro X.


When I am inspired to compose music, I begin with synthesizers and keyboards, then move on to more advance work within the audio production software on a digital level, in time I plan to have a live full orchestra attachment accompanying my productions.  


I've already published many scientific papers, in the field of mathematics, with great success! Mathematics helps me to create a very beautifully structured composition of music. 


Music is one of the most important things in this world to me, however I'm also expanding my skills to include writing fantasy novels. One example of a story  that I'm currently working on could be used as a script for a Hollywood movie concept. This novel is still in pre-publication, once complete it'll be called "Mithril", it is very close to moving in to post publication sometime in late 2014 to early 2015 and becoming finalized as a Fantasy Novel.


Some of my musical compositions that I have already created will be used in this new fantasy novel collection.




This is me, Chris Kokolios 


Songwriter, Musician, Linguist, Novelist, Mathematical Genius.


I'm here to make all your companies audio productions, come to life!




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