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Q:  How long before we respond after you place a request with promorific motiongraphics?

A:  24 - 48 hours. Skype communication is also more than welcome.



Q:  How do your prices compare in this competitive market?

A:  We are currently lower than 80% of the going rate on the digital market to date, and we provide excellent levels of cinematic quality while doing it!



Q: How often is contact needed between a customer and your company?

A: Once all the materials for the project are provided, we would update you every time a new version of the edited concept is rendered, to go over any changes that might be needed to fit your product or promotions look and feel.



Q:  What type of bank connection do you accept?

A:We accept all payments through Paypal, this makes it easier to work with all customers from all over the world.



Q:  Could we set up an installment plan to make payments?

A:  Yes, we can discuss payment plans if needed during the initial contact assessment and, during the production storyboard process.



Q:  Do you provide Invoices?

A:  Yes. You can also consider as an invoice, your confirmation statement from Paypal or what ever online payment method you've used to receive services rendered through PromoRific MotionGraphics. These documents can be legally accepted for your accounting and Tax purposes.



Q:  What does your motion graphic company offer as far as 3D, VFX  & cinematic production.


• 3D digital product presentation. 

• Concept and design

• Post and pre production time

• Terrestrial 3d elements

• Production render time

• 2D & 3D product stills and concept presentations

• 24 to 48 hour response times in emails or through Skype on project all updates

• Original logo and company identity design

• Audio Design

• Lecture presentation design

• Video compositing, color correction and re-production of already produced or unpublished raw footage

• Billboard design

• Radio Indents, stingers, bumpers, audio intros and outros as well as professionally made commercial spots for your products or project. 

• T Shirts, business cards, mugs, hats, product packing design   

• Professionally produced video spots, from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long for local and network TV, as well as Online TV.

• DVD design & cover, Blueray design & cover, music CD design & cover, and Record design & cover 

• In Short: Whatever project your mind can conceive, we'll be able to work with you on it's design, and production




Q: Do you need or accept any pictures or work provided by us?

A: Yes. We would need all the relevant materials that you would like to include in your video or image presentation. 



• Photos, Videos or 3D Elements - recommended in high resolution .PNG .TIFF 




• A Graphic a Logo or your Company ID, links to the products or website you're promoting.


• Any music you would like to use in your video, otherwise we will choose relevant music for you



Q: Can you adapt our graphic to fit and to coincide with our website / product?

A: Yes, we can and have matched our digital designs to fit with the current look of clients website, business or product.



Q: If I have my own graphic guy, can you incorporate his work or work directly with him on our project?

A: Yes indeed, We will work with your in-house graphic team and any work already rendered by them, if and when needed.



Q: How do you create our logo?

A: We here at PromoRific MotionGraphics only use state of the art equipment and software currently used in the digital design industry, some of the programs we use are as follows:

Maxon C4D, Adobe After Effects Cs6, Photoshop Cs6, Illustrator Cs6, Zbrush and Houdini FX,  just to name a few. 


 We take our design work here at PromoRific very seriously, and we work very hard at bringing your design concepts to life, ready to use in any commercial or personal project.



Q: Do you provide music for our promotional videos or does the customer have to provide it themselves?

A: We can provide royalty free music for your production. Or you can choose your own music and we'll discuss your selection to make sure it suits all of the productions feel and needs, also so that the musical element can infact be use commercially.



Q: What type of music do you use in promotional videos and why?

A: We usually use what we classify as royalty free epic music, to match the projects feel and direction, unless otherwise specified. Feel free to review some of the music in our projects in the portfolio section of our site as well as our audio section where we have our own in house composer.



Q: What is involved in the design process and steps of the video creation?

A: Once the production terms are agreed upon, a concept is made of your idea. We then go through the details & storyboard process during post production to make sure everything is according to your needs and expectations, until the final render and production of the digital product is ready to go.




Q: How long does it take for you to complete a final product?

A: Depending on the size of the project, it could take approximately 2 months. However for each extra month that passes this production time table, there is an additional charge. Therefore please ensure that you give us clear and precise instructions, on all the details for your project as well as all required materials and elements such as photos, images, 3D elements, text or videos, that you would like to include within the production.




Q: Can you produce the same video in another language?

A: Yes. The first language of the video we make is your choice and comes with the initial project price, any language changes after that will be considered a new version of the production. 


Price list available HERE.


Each New language version produced is:


• 75 USD provided that you provide translations where needed, whether that be in text format or Audio format. 


Here are some of the languages we translate the video's texts in too.


Spanish, Greek, German, Serbian, Cyrillic, Latinise, Malaysian, Slovak, Czech, Russia"




Q: Will you publish our video to your portfolio and social streams?

A: Yes. We will publish your video on our websites & portfolios when your project is publicly released, as well as promoted throughout our company's social streams such as:  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo "etc"



Q: Do you provide business consultation regarding promotional marketing, website placement for more online exposure? 

A: Yes, we do. this feature is also included in the initial price."



Q: Once our promotional video is finalized, will you put it on your YouTube channel and on our channel if needed?

A: Yes. This feature is also included in the initial price.



Q: We would like to put our promotional video on tv or in cinemas etc. Will you be able to convert the production into the required format? 

A: Yes. In order to do this please provide us with any details or requirements required by the companies, TV stations or theaters, or where ever you would like to promote your video. We will take care of any technical requirements in the conversion process for you.



Q: Do I have all the copyrights needed to use the final production commercially?

A: Yes. However any music copyrights belong to there content creators. You can however use your production in cinemas, YouTube, TVs etc. But you must not sell the music individually for your own profit, unless you are the original content creator of the audio or have full permissions to use the audio in question.


Frequently Asked Questions

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